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TitoloDe Aquaeductibus Auris Humanae Internae Anatomica Dissertatio
EditoreNeapoli - Ex Typographia Simoniana 
Descrizione(1a ediz. di quest'opera fondamentale che il Cotugno scrisse a soli 24 anni. In 8, pp [22], 80, [10], [2] c. di tavv. inc. ripieg. f.t. staccate, leg. cart. coevo, dorso leggerm. guasto ma privo di testo. Cotunni Dominici (Cotunnio Domenico 1736 - 1822) Garrison-Morton 1549. "Cotugno"s dissertation, written when he was twenty-four, recorded his discovery of the aural aqueducts (cochleae and vestibuli) and of the cochlear duct. It also contained his highly important account of the labyrinthine fluid or liquor Cotunnii, which he is sometimes credited with discovering, although the fluid was first noted by Pyl in 1742. Cotugno was the first to establish that the fluid completely fills the cavities of the labyrinth (dethroning the ancient physiological concept of aer innatus), and proposed the first theory of hearing in which the labyrinthine fluid-a fundamental element in modern theories-was taken into account") 
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